The Parties of Heaven (part 2)

“I saw the common things drawn into the bright shadow.” – C.S. Lewis

I saw a photograph of deeply green forested mountains. Far away in one of the valleys was glimpse of a ferris wheel and colorful carnival tents. There were no roads, cars, or parking lots. It looked as if the only way to get to the carnival was to walk or ride horse through the woods. 

The picture had a strong effect on me, a feeling that has occurred several times in my life. Has this happened to you? — It felt like an invitation, and a memory of something I hadn’t yet experienced. In C.S. Lewis’s book, Surprised by Joy, he describes experiences like this (which he says were actually very instrumental in his conversion from atheism to Christianity).

“…the memory of a memory…and before I knew what I desired, the desire itself was gone, the whole glimpse withdrawn, the world turned commonplace again, or only stirred by a longing for the longing that had just ceased. It was something quite different from ordinary life and even from ordinary pleasure; something, as they would now say, ‘in another dimension.’”

“He has planted eternity in the human heart” (from Ecclesiastes 3:11). And, C.S. Lewis again: “If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world” (Mere Christianity).

My picture of the forest carnival set my imagination stirring about the parties of Heaven. God loves parties, festivals, and celebrations which is clear from a quick skimming of the Bible. As He also loves variety (clear from a glance a Creation), I believe there will be a variety of parties and festivals in Heaven. The Wedding Supper of the Lamb (Rev. 19:9), which I am so excited about, will be the party to end all parties — and/or — the party to begin all parties. 

There will be a New Earth to explore, besides a City of enormous proportions (about 1400 x 1400 miles (Rev 21:16 and see 1 Cor. 2:9-10)). This means, for party planners and goers, an endless variety of locations! Forests, beaches, mountain tops, riversides, city parks, ancient buildings of the City that will make what we know of Paris and Prague look boring and ordinary in comparison. (Remember, “the architect and builder is God”! Heb. 11:10). I’m guessing the whole universe will be ours to explore, as well, so go ahead and imagine a party among the stars. “Join us tomorrow at 38:31 among the twinkling Pleiades! Dinner and Dancing. Dress: Black Tie and Diamonds.”

I mentioned in my last post that I am hoping to be involved in the design of invitations for the some of these parties. I have been working on a sample invitation for the Forest Carnival party I’ve been thinking about, which I hope to have finished for a future post (The Parties of Heaven (part 3)). 


The Parties of Heaven (part 1)

I enjoy thinking about and imagining the parties in Heaven. “Look on Zion, the city of our festivals.” (Is. 33:20). There is one happening today — a birthday party for my sweet sister-in-law, who went to be with the Lord this past August. Today, her daughter posted on Facebook that this is the first birthday in many years that she’ll be celebrating with her parents and grandparents. I wonder how many generations will join in — I can imagine her talking with a great-great-great grandmother, perhaps, and noticing family resemblances. Maybe some of her favorite heroes of the Bible will show up. I was thinking of all of this, and I asked Jesus to please take pictures for us! He might have shown me one right then, because I could clearly picture my sister-in-law, her face glowing with joy, health, and the golden candlelight of the cake in front of her. Her mouth was open with laughter at something someone had just said. I could tell it was one of those belly-laughs that only come when something strikes you particularly funny, and you are among people that make you feel completely comfortable. 

It was wonderful thinking about the reality of where she is now. Of course we should at least occasionally remember how brief our lives are here on earth so that we live each day fully, but I like when that leads to thinking more about the permanent Home we are heading for (if we are at peace with God through Christ). We are Citizens of Heaven, and “foreigners and strangers” here (Heb. 11:13). Have you ever felt the reality of that? Some may think it strange to spend much time thinking about Heaven. But isn’t it stranger to be spending a majority of the time thinking about the place where we’ll be spending the very least amount of our eternal existence? 

The Bible gives us many glimpses of what it will be like there. And the fun part of imagining from those starting points is knowing that it will be even better than the best that we can possibly imagine. Once I am there, I hope to be involved with designing invitations to some of the parties and festivals. More thoughts on that to come.